Jogue, Inc. is a full service flavor company, providing quality flavors, fragrances and specialty dairy ingredients. There are presently four manufacturing facilities within the United States. The Northville Laboratories plant is located in Northville, Michigan and has been serving the Food and Dairy industries since 1910. Northville laboratories is known for their fine ice cream flavors, fruit bases and variegates.

For over 85 years they have been pioneers in perfecting the extraction of pure vanilla for use in the Dairy,
Baking and Confectionery industries.

The Jogue manufacturing plant is located in Detroit, Michigan and specializes in the development and
manufacture of fruit drink bases and spray-dried flavors.

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  Jogue is proud to present our latest Feature Ice Cream Flavor…Red Velvet Cake.  Rich moist sweet taste and brilliant color of a red velvet cake in an ice cream. A red colored and light cocoa vanilla flavored ice cream swirled with a rich white buttercream variegate and showered with confetti sprinkles and cake pieces.  
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  Our Facilities   Ice Cream Bases   Beverage Bases  
  Our Facilities
Jogue Inc. has several state of the art facilities an equipment. Each location manufactures flavors for seperate niche market. For example, our Northville location manufactures fine ice cream flavors, fruit bases, variegates and extracts where as our Santa Fe location manufacture syrups and cocktail mixes.
  Ice Cream Bases & Variegates
Ever wonder where your favorite flavor of ice cream was created? Ever wonder who comes up with these outrageous flavors? Jogue employs some of the best in the business. We challenge our flavor specialist to come up with new and interesting flavors for ice cream and other dairy products like Egg Nog.
  Beverage Bases
Jogue Inc. manufactures the finest fruit drink concentrates with a wide variety of fruit juices.
Our flavors exceed the national brand products in taste, mouth feel and overall consumer acceptance.
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